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Welcome to Working Class Hollywood, conversations with the people that make the Movies, TV Shows, and Entertainment you love. If you're looking to break into or move up in the entertainment industry OR you're just a fan of content and want to hear about how it's made, this is the podcast for you. 

Jan 20, 2019

Adam Londy is the Vice President of Talent and Development at Comedy Central. He develops new shows for the network and oversees production of existing shows such as The Jim Jefferies Show, Corporate, and a new show coming out this year starring Awkwafina. Adam shares his story of starting as an agent's assistant at CAA to working for a film producer, to producing his own films, to his current job at Comedy Central. Adam is a Vanderpump Rules super fan so he asks me all his burning questions about how we make that show. Adam is a really smart, charismatic guy, and his tips and advice for anyone working in the entertainment industry are priceless. 


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Here is the Aquafina Video "My Vag" that first caught Comedy Central's attention